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Erasmus+ Program Small Scale Partnerships in the field of Sport
Tiny Habits For HEPA

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Physical Activity

About the Project


  • The Tiny Habit s For HEPA project aims to create a workplace culture that supports physical activity and healthy lifestyle habits. This will include encouraging breaks for movement and physical activity, promoting work-life balance and creating a supportive environment for employees to prioritise their health and well-being. DeM (Turkey), CFSK (North Macedonia), Animus (Poland) and Aktyvistai (Lithuania) have established a 12-month consortium that aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To create a network, sustainable partnerships and collaboration between NGOs, sports clubs and public institutions to design, promote and implement physical activity and healthy lifestyle programmes for women. 

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of physical activity programmes designed for women working in NGOs and identify best practices that can be shared with other organisations and communities through research and active practice on the ground.

  • Provide training programme and resources to NGOs, sports clubs and public institutions on how to effectively design and deliver physical activity programmes for women, with a focus on ergonomics and healthy lifestyle to be promoted in the workplace. 8 NGO workers, 8 sports coaches and 8 representatives of Public institutions will participate in the Training of Trainers activity to disseminate the impact at local, national and EU level through multiplier activities based on physical activities with women and organisations. 

  • Raising awareness directly on 200 women, 8 NGOs, 8 Sports Clubs and public institutions on the importance of physical activity for women's health and well-being and promoting positive attitudes and habits towards regular exercise and active lifestyles. To increase the participation of 200 women directly and 1000 women through dissemination activities in physical activity programmes, especially those who may face barriers to participation such as time, working environment, low income.

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